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This page will mention some of the programs available to students to further their hands on experience.


Gardening at Discovery is Science Fun
Chipmunks digging up the carrots we planted!

Chipmunks are ages 3 -4 years old. Year round, they explore our property rich in various environments. They dig in dirt, find bugs, watch toads evolve, plant their gardens, play in a hugh sandbox, find treasures to explore and enjoy the animals. Fall and winter they discover vast resources they can touch, feel, see, minipulate and learn about. In the spring and early summer we ready the swimming pools, the outside units and the new summer equipment. In the fall, they will experience the changes of their favorite trees, plants and animal habitat. 

The young child develops their socialization experience of living, playing and working in a group. They learn sharing, manners and good healthy habits. The children develop autonomy with the encouragement of experienced peers and educators within the daily enviroment. Plenty of outdoor play provides ample opportunity to develop strong, healthy bodies. Large and small muscles, eye hand coordination and perceptual skills are enhanced by child-centered learning stations.


Llama Shearing for parents to see too!

Shearing Nikki Llama by Randahl Williams Shear Bliss

WOW! In the summer we swim, climb, build, fish, dig and play ball.
Children in grades K-1 enjoy running, climbing, hitting a ball and kicking soccer balls. They like developing their skills and voicing their strong opinions with friends. The sandbox is a Roxaboxen where every day has new creations and places to imagine coming to life. Pet bugs and worms are treasures to make homes for with leaves for their food, and using sticks for their climbing equipment. Their love of exploring nature is endless and unlimited to their immagination.
This age is here all year and enjoy the property at its fullest. They eat a picnic lunch with pears and laugh at anything and everything. Summer is boundless in fun and games. 

They have a 4 H Club that allows them to care for our animals. They take swimming lessons and enjoy free swim every day. They look forward to their parents coming to enjoy a late swim with them and the picnic they are encouage to enjoy as family time here at Discovery. In the fall a full day program is available, when public schools are closed or when needed by families or working parents.

Beaver Boys woodworking, built new picnic table


Two Pools WOW! Fun all day!
I'm glad we get to swim lots of times a day.

Camp is in session from mid-June through the middle of September. Then year round as needed by the family. Each week has a different theme, complete with fun-filled activitys and outdoor fun. Our camp facilities include two(2) swimming pools, large athletic field, and play grounds. All areas are fenced for safety. We offer swimming lessons. Field trips to nearby attractions are regular adventures for campers.

Tug of War

During our Olympic week, we have a Tug of War, sack races, relay races, and various water olympic games.  In the past, the cougars have been on field trips to Ice Line, Marsh Creek Park, go-carting, and Bounce U. This summer, we are looking forward to possible trips to the Herr's Potato Chip Factory, geocaching, and various nature trails throughout Chester County. 

His turtle won the turtle race!

Please call or e-mail us with questions on the various programs.